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COVID-19 Update! We are still open and accepting appointments. A live operator will answer at (815) 545-4080 24/7 OR call us at (815) 219-8342 for any help.

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David A. Williams

“David Williams settled a Workers Comp. Case in two years with persistence and kept us updated and always returned phone calls and or emails in a timely manner. Results was excellent!

Don’t let the fact that David is from a small Law Firm give you pause, David is a Lawer that I am glad we had to work for us.”

“I had never been involved in a personal injury lawsuit. I was hit by a car while riding my bike and thought I would just work with the insurance companies. I started getting a bad feeling about the other insurance company and a good friend referred me to David. He explained the process in detail and kept me up to date all the way through. His advice was objective, practical and always in my best interest. I would highly recommend him.”

A Satisfied Client

“My son and I were involved in a really bad auto accident, it was already a frightening ordeal but when your child is involved it becomes the worst! David came to our home in Rockford to meet with us first to see how we were doing, then he walked us through what will happen next. I thoroughly loved how David showed so much care to my son as if he was his own, and as a mother, that spoke volume. I referred David to everyone I knew from then on.”

“Let’s just say Dave handle my case like if it was the only one he had. Lots of attention lot of follow-ups. Not only was I impressed with his people skills but the Aftercare after everything was said and done he was still helpful with questions I might have had regarding settlement or other issues. As far as I’m concerned I would never get another attorney for anything else if Dave did it all LOL. All ended by saying that Dave is an individual who gets things accomplished hand has amazing follow through no whitewashing anything he gives it to you straight and to the point. If you’re looking for an attorney that is looking out for your best interest and is wonderful at getting back to you this is the man for you have nothing but High Praise for this attorney.”

“David is the best attorney I have ever done business with. He exceeded my expectations and that means a lot coming from me. Highly recommended. I will advise anybody I know to use his services.”

“I was in my friend’s car going out to eat when we swerved to avoid a pothole but struck another vehicle head on. I was injured and went directly to the hospital. A police report was made and I hired a lawyer. The insurance company denied the claim and believed the accident was a fraud. My old lawyer did not want to file a lawsuit to fight the denial so I hired Mr. Williams, who filed a lawsuit and fought the case for 2 years. The insurance company eventually settled for its policy limit before trial. I had scars on my knees and chest from the accident and was compensated for these, my medical bills and pain and suffering. It took nearly 3 years from the date of the accident to win my case but I was very happy with Mr. Williams’ effort and the final result. He also returned my phone calls unlike my old lawyer.”
Melissa H.

“David is exceptional! Easy to talk to, understanding and handled the case quickly and efficiently. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

“I badly injured my shoulder in 2008 while working as a truck driver and filed a workers compensation case. I had several surgeries and was never able to return back to work. The insurance company denied different treatment and sometime failed to pay me. In 2013, a friend told me about David and I had already fired 4 other lawyers. Other lawyers would never call me back or would fail to follow through with the plan. Because of my issues with prior lawyers, David was very reluctant to take my case but he ultimately decided to help me out. After my final surgery in 2014, my doctor gave me permanent restrictions of only a light duty job and because I am older and have no education there wasn’t any real work for me anywhere. I was still about 10 years from retirement age. After several court appearances, David was able to settle my case in the end so that I had money for future medical care and money to replace the income that I have lost. He worked hard to get me the settlement that I deserved.”

“I was referred to David after I was involved in an automobile accident in the fall of 2014. That accident changed my life going forward in my daily activities and life as I knew it.

I called David the week after and was surprised how diligent of an attorney he seemed to be on that first conversation. His work ethic and concern for my case were expressed very quickly. He called me himself when I needed to know something about the case or he would answer the phone when I tried to reach him. He always made me feel as if I was the only case he was working on, never rushed and constantly updating me. He called after I had procedures done, asking how I was and if I needed anything.

I would refer David to all my family and friends, he’s hard-working, very knowledgeable and dedicated to getting the most positive outcome for his clients!”

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Brad J. Balke

“Brad just finished our lawsuit after over 3 years, and I am very happy with the outcome. Brad was very on top of things during the entire case, and always keep me posted on the status of the case. It took some time, but ended up much better than I anticipated. Best part was Brad called a few days after my settlement check was sent, and stated there was a mistake caught in accounting, and that the $2500 mistake in my favor will be sent out which I just received today!! So, If anyone is looking for a great attorney along with being honest which is unheard of. Brad Balke is one of the few. His Staff fell from the same tree. Great People to work with.”
Ronald V.

“Brad was a tireless advocate on my behalf regarding a workers’ compensation claim. Brad and his partner Dave were very patient with me navigating an area in which I have no expertise. I was very pleased with the settlement and would hire him again. I highly recommend this law firm. Thank you Brad and Dave!”

“I was rear ended and originally dealing with insurance for my injuries. When I started getting resistance from the other parties insurance regarding treatment, I needed help. I met with Brad, showed him all of my paperwork, bills etc. He listened, understood and knew exactly what needed to be done. He did not hesitate to take on my case even though I was months in. He is so kind that I don’t think the people he’s negotiating with can say no to him. He somehow seems to get bills to disappear which ultimately ends up with more money in your pocket. He’s good. He’s knowledgeable. He gets it done! I can’t thank him enough.”

“Brad is amazing. He answered all my questions and communicated with me on a regular basis. He is so friendly,sympathetic and I would recommend him to anyone. I am beyond happy with the settlement. Couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer.”

“After being told I didn’t have a case by another attorney, an acquaintance referred me to Brad Balke. Wow, what a blessing! I initially met with Brad (who conveniently came to my house), showed him pictures of my accident and explained my injuries. We immediately bonded and I hired him on the spot. Both Brad Balke and Dave Williams worked on my case and kept me informed every step of the way. Too bad for that other attorney; he lost out on a nice payday! I highly recommend Balke Law.”

“Brad Balke was a great lawyer for me- he was very professional, polite, and worked hard to help me when I needed it most. He was always available and excellent with communication. He even sent me flowers after my accident and helped me every step of the way with anything I needed. I would contact him again if I ever needed to and recommend him to anyone I know.”

“Brad is a first class attorney. He is open, honest and above all, he is responsive. He handled a personal injury case for me as well as a WC case. Both were handled flawlessly. I highly recommend Brad Balke and would use him again without hesitation.”

“Mr. Balke takes responsibility for and Pride in the delivery of his work. I feel Mr. Balke exceeds in these five qualities. He is Assertive, Attentive, Broadminded, methodical and very trustworthy. Mr. Balke and his staff have a realistic view on what makes great customer service. If ever in need for an attorney, Mr. Brad J. Balke would be my first choice from the category listed as one of the best in Chicago. Thank you and your staff again for all your hard work.”
A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Balke was a God Send for me. He made sure I received all medical care I needed in a timely manner. He is great at communicating with his clients. When it came time for settlement he went after it with gusto. He is well known in the world of Workers Compensation and is respected by arbitrators and his peers. As much as I hope I never am injured on the job again, I know if I am I have Mr. Balke to protect my interests. I’d hire him again in a heartbeat.”
A Satisfied Client