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We fall. We crash. We slip. … We’re struck. We’re slammed. And we’re victimized. In fact, according to information released by the National Safety Council, an American is accidentally injured every second. And an American is killed every three minutes by an event that should have been preventable. Looking closer at data specifically for our state, Illinois, in 2016, there were 324,473 crashes involving motor vehicles according to data compiled by the state of Illinois, Department of Transportation. Reports by the state of Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission show that the frequency of injury per 100,000…Read More

Personal injury law is a competitive field, with a unique business model. With so many attorneys out there, you may find it difficult to rise about the competition and serve your clients the better way than others. Things become much different from the law school, as you have to do much more than simply studying and resolving the cases. the You have to run your law firm. And for that, you need clients who are satisfied with your services. But no clients come to you unless you make some efforts in this regard. That being…Read More