When you are injured in a work-related accident and are unable to work, you should receive Temporary Total Disability benefits ("TTD benefits," for short.) Your TTD benefits are equal to two-thirds of your average weekly wage.

It is important to get a note from your doctor after a work injury indicating that you will be held off work to show your insurance company that you should be receiving TTD.

Under workers' compensation law, average weekly wage is equal to your hourly pay rate times 40. If you are having trouble getting an insurance company to pay you TTD benefits, call to speak with an attorney at Balke & Williams immediately.

I Haven't Received Any TTD Benefits — What Should I Do?

Insurance companies use a number of tactics to avoid paying an injured employee TTD benefits. If you have been hurt in a workplace accident, see a doctor immediately. Under Illinois law, you are free to see a doctor of your choice. When you see a doctor, get a note stating that you cannot perform your normal job duties.

Why Are Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) Important?

When an insurance company is trying to force an employee back to work before that employee is fully healed, they will typically have the employee visit a doctor who is working for the insurance company.

If an insurance company is sending you to their doctor, get more information about your legal rights.

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