In the Chicago metro, there is plenty of water for recreating and commerce. A speedboat accident, collision between Jet Skis, ship crew member injury that occurs on the water can have added complexity. Not every law firm has the capability to handle these unique claims.

At Balke & Williams, we understand maritime law and how it affects the available claims. We'll immediately go to work to effectively protect your rights if you or someone you love has suffered a personal injury in an accident on Lake Michigan or the Chicago River.

How Does The Designation Of Navigable Water Affect A Claim?

Accidents on navigable waters involve a special set of state and federal laws. Because of its complexity, only a small number of lawyers practice maritime law.

Because Lake Michigan and the Chicago River are considered navigable water, any lawsuit involving an accident on these waters will incorporate maritime law. We can offer assistance in recreational type accidents that involve boats, Jet Skis and tourist boat accidents.

In addition, if your career is working at Sea, our attorneys can assist with on-the-job injuries that might occur in:

  • Shipyard accidents
  • Crew member accidents
  • Military crew accidents

We pursue every avenue for relief and tailor our legal representation to meet your individual needs, and meet your goals.

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