Our firm has handled several notable and high-profile cases in the Greater Chicago area, including McHenry and Lake counties. This record of experience and results is a testimony to our ability to handle even the most complex personal injury cases and to maximize financial recovery for our clients.

Round Lake Beach Dragging Case

Our firm represented the victim and his family in the well-known Round Lake Beach dragging case. In this case, a girlfriend and boyfriend were involved in a heated argument resulting in a motor vehicle assault on the boyfriend. The woman ran over the victim and dragged him for almost 2 miles. Local newspapers tagged her as the "Draggin' Lady." Our firm filed a claim for $25 million and has been featured in local news stories for our successful representation in this high-profile case.

Elevator Repairman Wage Differential Case

Wage differential cases can be difficult, even for seasoned attorneys. Attorney Balke & Williams successfully recovered wage differential benefits for an elevator repairman who fell and suffered serious injuries and was thereafter permanently restricted from certain job activities. He received $1 million in total recovery and an additional $200,000 for wage differential and personal injury benefits to be extended through his lifetime.

Traveling Salesman Workman's Comp Death Benefits Case

In a recent workman's compensation death benefits case, our client, who was from Louisiana, was a traveling salesman who died in a car accident in Illinois. We took a strategic and aggressive approach to maximize workman's compensation death benefits on behalf of our clients. In every workman's compensation case, we take an aggressive approach to maximize recovery for our clients.

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